Coiffure Minks is a lash boutique that provides, high quality, durable mink lashes and accessories. Our luxury lash enhancements are for all that love to get up and go with a perfect set of eyelashes. We provide a variety of styles, lengths and colors that fits your style. Whether you're a stay at home mom, career driven woman, aspiring prominent figure, or a hard working student, Coiffure Minks are the perfect go-to Luxury Lash Extensions, that will give you a beautiful look that will surely make your eyes POP! 

Coiffure Minks believes that empowering individuals is key and that beauty should not be held to a one size fit all standard. All beauty is beautiful and should be embraced to its highest power. Our goal is to enhance the eyes, lift your confidence, and help you embrace yourself to the fullest. We pride on providing outstanding customer service by communicating with our stakeholders and addressing any questions/concerns with integrity and value, therefore we create every shipment with love and hope that once it lands in your care, that you experience that same love that we have poured in.

All mink lashes are authentic and handmade with cruelty free mink hairs, created to last over 1 year with proper lash care. 


-Coiffure Minks